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Writing Family History

27 May 2022
GSV News

Are you struggling to write your family history? Are you surrounded with paper or digital files wondering where to go next?

Margaret Vines will conducting her Writing Family History course over three weeks commencing on Monday 20 June. Margaret has successfully run this course for many years. She is the author of several books about her family including the recently published John Vines from Christian Malford: a Wiltshire convict and his family. Margaret also has many years of experience as a member of the Editorial Committee for the GSV journal Ancestor.

The course will be conducted by Zoom over three weeks. There with be zoom sessions on each Monday at 10.30 am for face-to-face contact with Margaret. Participants will discuss information and techniques for writing future articles and books, particularly

  • The Writing Process - getting started, especially drafting and editing
  • Basic writing skills
  • Historical skills, including documenting your writing

With encouragement and feedback, each student will produce a small piece of family history of about 1,500 to 2,000 words. Participants will be expected to be writing both in class and between classes.

You can enrol in the course by registering on the GSV Event Page listing for 20 June, click here..

The charge for the course is $90 for GSV Members.

Enrol now to ensure you do not miss out as there is a limit of 10 places.