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GSV Writers Discussion Circle

This meeting of the Writers Circle will be held online using Zoom.

With guest speaker Janine Marsall Wood.

Turning the tree into tales and books

Janine advises the following: I will be sharing my journey in writing from when I first set up a family tree and began seriously researching in 2009. Articles in Ancestry and The Genealogist along the way were like gently dipping my toes into the waters of getting published. Then there were tentative forays into self-publication of various sorts which followed, and which I will share with you … and eventually a REAL book. I will discuss my mistakes, surprises, tips gleaned and some of the highlights along the way".

If this would be your first attendance at this Circle, then it is strongly advised that you get on the mailing list at least a week before the meeting to participate in pre-work. Contact the Convener email: gsvwriters@gsv.org.au to be added to the mailing list.

The GSV Writers Circle is a discussion group that offers ongoing support for writers of family history.
The Circle encourages and helps its members to write their family histories, especially those who are just starting out.

For GSV members only. Free of charge.
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More information on the Writers Circle can be found at https://www.gsv.org.au/gsv-writers-circle

5 October 2022, 12:30 to 14:30
Internet Australia Eastern Daylight Time
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