DNA Black Friday Sales

The DNA Black Friday Sales are now in full swing.
Should you take advantage of any of the sales? Which DNA test should you take?
Decisions about accepting AncestryDNA’s offer should be made before midnight (AEDT) Monday 27 November 2017. That’s not very far away. Click this link for more information:
AncestryDNA’s Sale
My Heritage offers the same test as AncestryDNA and their sale also finishes this coming Monday, 27 November. Click the following link for more details:
My Heritage’s Sale
Don’t worry if you miss AncestryDNA and My Heritage’s tight timeline. FamilyTreeDNA offers the same test (which they call Family Finder).
FamilyTreeDNA’s sale ends 31 December 2017. You may also find it convenient to package a Family Finder test with the Y DNA and mtDNA tests offered by FamilyTreeDNA. Click the following link for more information:
FamilyTreeDNA’s Sale
Here a few hints and some general information that may help you make your decision.
If you haven’t taken a DNA test before and are merely curious then purchase a test for the biggest database – AncestryDNA. It seems logical that the larger the database the more likely you are to get results. You can download your AncestryDNA test to other testing companies further increasing your chances of getting DNA matches. The reverse doesn’t apply. You cannot upload a test from another company to AncestryDNA.
If you are interested in your ethnicity then estimates of your ethnicity are included in tests provided by AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA (in their Family Finder test) and My Heritage. The comments below about National Geographic and Living DNA may also apply here.
If you have a brick wall on your father’s direct line consider starting with a Y-67 test from FamilyTreeDNA. If you are REALLY, REALLY serious about researching your father’s line then Family Tree have packaged their Y DNA and their Big Y together for this sale. Read more about this offer here:
Why the Big Y test
Join a project first
This Y DNA and Big Y offer comes with risks. The first of which is understanding the best way to take advantage of the offer! Sometimes, and Y DNA is one of those times, it is better to do things in baby steps.
And this is one package you need to convert the offer to Australian dollars to see what the upfront cost is. Doing the same thing over a few years is less painful to the hip pocket (though still painful let me assure you).
If you have a brick wall along your direct maternal line then look at FamilyTreeDNA’s mtFull Sequence. However, I’ve yet to see anyone with a good match with mtDNA. This is because the mutation rate is so very slow. All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up with mtDNA tests.
If you are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY curious about paleo anthropology or your ancient origins consider testing with National Geographic and with Living DNA.
However, National Geographic’s sale only applies to US kits. Click the following link for more information:
Geno 2
Living DNA are the new kid on the block and they ARE publishing a discounted price. Click here for more information:
Living DNA
Both Geno 2 and Living DNA offer more information than is given with FamilyTreeDNA’s Y DNA and mitochondrial DNA tests but nevertheless are still expensive when compared to some of the other tests. So, ladies find a brother to take these tests for you.

Having decided which test or tests you wish to purchase there are some other things worth considering.

Tests purchased now can be used later. If you are going to a big family reunion in 2018 or 2019 consider purchasing some tests now for on the spot testing at the reunion. 
Include freight in your calculations.
FamilyTreeDNA and National Geographic quote in $US. The current exchange rate is about $US 1.00 to $AUD 1.30.

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DNA for family historians


We have been over whelmed by the interest shown in attending our seminar “DNA for family historians” on Remembrance Day this coming 11th of November.
We have delayed holding this seminar until just before the expected sales by DNA testing companies later next month. So that no one misses the opportunity to attend we are moving it to the Community Hub at The Dock, 912 Collins Street, Docklands. The times will be the same with Registration from 9.00 am, the first session starting at 9.30 am and with an expected 12 noon finish.
To book and for more information go to Events (under the Activities tab on our website).
Please take careful note of the directions to the Community Hub at The Dock and don’t confuse it with a similarly named venue.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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Construction Update 3

Here is Construction update 3 for the GSV building at Emirates House 257 Collins Street, Melbourne. Also includes is a Construction zone plan.
Please note we shall be open as usual during this construction. In particular the Scottish Ancestry Group meeting will be held 1.00 – 3.00 pm this Saturday 26 November. Also there will be a class covering ScotlandsPeople – The New Website to be held 1.30 – 2.30 pm on Monday 29 November. For more details go to our Current and Upcoming Events

Post expires at 7:43pm on Thursday 20 April 2017

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Message from the President

Changes to the GSV – Update 1 – 15 November 2016

I am writing to inform you of two changes that are currently occurring which will impact on the Society and the conduct of our activities and events in the immediate future.

There are a number of family history societies in existence in Melbourne each of which are experiencing a reduction in their membership due to multiple causes. As a consequence discussions have commenced between the GSV, the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies and the Cornish Association of Victoria to explore the viability of establishing a new family history entity. The Societies would combine their resources and establish the new entity. These discussions have only recently commenced and it is anticipated that they will continue for some time. Any changes to the structure of each of the Societies will require the approval of their members and I will keep you informed as discussions proceed.

We have very recently been approached by the owner of Emirates House enquiring whether we might like to exit our lease arrangement prior to the scheduled termination date of the end of November 2018. Council has agreed and the current situation is that we will surrender our lease with effect from 31 March 2017. This is quite soon and a considerable effort will now be required to clean-up and ensure that the premises are left in good order.

Surrendering our current lease will potentially save quite a deal of money in the long-term. We have commenced a search for new premises in the Melbourne City Council area close to public transport. We envisage that the premises will be approximately 150 to 200 sqm in size which is a dramatic reduction from our current floor space of 780 sqm. It is our intention to pay as little as possible and enter a short-term lease. We will place a greater emphasis on conducting events and activities in hired spaces throughout Melbourne and the suburbs. It is important that we find a suitable repository for our library collection and we are in discussions with other libraries and societies to find the best arrangement for the GSV and those parties as well as any new family history society that may be created.

Our program of activities and events during the first few months of 2017 will be severely disrupted. We have cancelled a number of classes and will postpone others. Our website will provide up-to-date information about all events and I recommend that you consult it frequently. Regular updates on the move will be also posted to our web site and these may be found via the ‘GSV News’ link which now appears on our home page. The regular updates we receive from the owner of the building regarding the renovations being undertaken to the ground and mezzanine levels will also be posted.

Council is committed to ensuring that the GSV, or any successor entity, is viable and continues to provide the resources suitable for members to pursue their family history research. Our move to smaller, more affordable, premises will place us in a more stable and flexible financial position and assist with this process. Best regards

David Down


Post expires at 3:20pm on Thursday 20 April 2017

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